Mortgage Servicer Licensing

Mortgage Servicer Licensing

The licensing process can be complex and time-consuming for both new and established businesses. State Regulations differ from one jurisdiction to another, our licensing experts at Guide Mortgage Licensing will help you navigate the new application process to obtain state licenses to Service mortgages. We’ve helped hundreds of mortgage companies successfully obtain their state licenses to grow their businesses. The Mortgage Servicing license would be covered under a seperate Servicer license or we would apply for a Banker/Lender, depending on the state. Some states might require the Qualified individual (Control Person) to obtain a Mortgage Loan Originator License as well, it varies by state. 

Guide Mortgage Licensing offers comprehensive services for the following mortgage Servicer new license applications;

  1. Company Servicer License
  2. Qualified Individual – Mortgage Loan Originator License (If Applicable) 

General timeframe from start to finish most states takes 45-60 days. Licensing review turn times may also vary state to state, please consult with us for further details.