Arizona RI

Arizona Company License (Broker or Banker)

Arizona is one of the few states that requires a brick and mortar location and person in the state to obtain a mortgage Broker and/or Banker license. This license is required for any individual or business that wants to engage in the business of brokering and/or lending mortgage loans in the state of Arizona. The license is issued by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (ADFI).

To be able to do Mortgage brokering and/or lending activities from outside the state of Arizona, most companies would need to hire a experienced Arizona Responsible Individual “RI” that resides and has a physical office in AZ. 

Many mortgage brokers and lenders have avoided Arizona licensing due to the somewhat expensive cost of hiring a Arizona “RI” but Guide Mortgage Licensing has negotiated a special rate for it’s clients.

Guide Mortgage Licensing has your experienced AZ RI representation referral as part of our application process to obtain your broker and/or banker license. Our RI contact in AZ would bill your company a affordable flat rate amount monthly after your AZ company license is approved. 

Guide Mortgage Licensing offers comprehensive services for the following AZ mortgage Broker and/or Banker new license applications;


  1. Company Broker or Banker License
  2. Broker or Banker Branch License
  3. AZ Mortgage Loan Originator License


General timeframe from start to finish most states takes 45 days or less. Please consult with us for further details at 949-228-9550 or